Friday, April 1, 2016

"The Eyes"

Over my 57 years on earth I have debated what was/is the most attractive part on a female. Of course most men will say the obvious and yes those are nice, but to me there is something more. I have thought of humor and brain, smiles and laughs, a soul and laugh like a child and the look in their eyes when you surprise them. That my friends is what leads me to what I think is what attracts me to women. The eyes, the eyes are the window of the soul and can tell you so much. Not really a color, but just the way the eyes are alive. The clear look, the way they smile, the way they gaze off in thought. I look back at the women I have known in my life and the women I have fallen in love with and they all had "The Eyes." I'm sure myself and other men are attracted to eyes, but in saying that we may not agree on what kind of eyes. The eyes tell a story, the eyes laugh and smile, the eyes can talk with a blink. The eyes can say "I love you" without the mouth even opening. Yes I guess I'm a sucker for "The Eyes"

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