Saturday, April 9, 2016

"Omission of Guilt, or the Liberation of the Soul?"
I have done many things wrong in my life, some knowingly and some not. I have hurt people on purpose in my life and sadly those I had no meaning too. I have cried like a baby as an adult for many reasons.
 Now a days the tears seem to have vanished and dried up, but they are still there. I have regrets not unlike most of you reading this post. I try not to look back in my past, for doing so does no good, and only intensifies the pain of days gone by. 
I'm nothing special and have been called every colorful name in the book by friends and foes. I never meant to hurt anyone, although many will argue that point. I seek no attention, nor crave it. I have beliefs that for the most part are not of the common man, or general public.
 I have never stepped in any man's or woman's shoes, as they have never stepped in mine. I seek no prayers and feel others need them much more. I just live my life day to day, and hour by hour.

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