Thursday, April 28, 2016

                       I'm not hard, nor a bad ass, I'm not different, yet I am. My moods change like the Texas weather, and at times I sit alone and think of chances won and lost. I regret and I remember with fond memories that no matter how hard I try I will never forget. I'm really just an ordinary man, at times not giving a flying flip, while other times falling apart over the smallest of things.
                      I have learned in my life there is nothing wrong with showing emotion. I have been called worse names by better and really nothing, by those I can't even remember. At times I can get to deep, while other times seem non-caring. I haven't had a drink in many months and I feel truly better than ever. I still have many hurdles to jump, bridges to cross, and mountains to climb, not like most of you reading this post...... Maybe it's time to go Home?

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