Saturday, April 9, 2016


Is it just me, or do others see people that are outside of the US (America) that always seem to blast our country, our way of life, our politics, our freedoms? Sure they can and that is what this country is all about. I just think it is so funny that there are those like that especially when their countries have just as much if not more problems. They blast us for gun rights or lack of, they blast Trump (along with many Americans) they blast our health care and justice system, they blast our crime rate, and do it from 1000's of miles away. Yes some live next door in my own Canada, or many live right here within our borders. And that's OK. If you pay taxes or paid taxes in the US and work or worked, and vote or voted, then you are part of the system and there fore have a right to bitch. It's those who deem this country as the root of all evil, yet have never visited or have, but very limited or a few times. I have from time to time told myself "Self, de-friend those morons" but then though, no they are the reason America is what it is today. The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. Plus it gives me stuff to think about and laugh, plus come up with good shit to write about and amuse others.

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