Wednesday, February 17, 2016

              "The Road"

              There is a road, there up ahead. It's not really a scenic one or one you might remember all that well. There are a few trees and the occasional bridge over looking a small stream or pond, but again no one remembers and no one is really sure. 
              Before you realize it, it's gone and only a fading memory in the rear view mirror. At night its so dark that even with lights, one would think "it's still pitch black." When traveling this road you long to end the trip before it even begins. You pray all goes well and no rain or storms will assault you tonight. I'm not even sure this road has a name or is even a road. 
              Up ahead you see the turn off towards the lights of the highway. You look in the rear view mirror as she disappears and is gone till the next time. You smile, but wonder if the smile is relief or do you miss her already? Again? Like last time?

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