Saturday, October 31, 2015

“Part 2”
East End of Montreal
“The Cavern”
Home of the “Valhalla’s Warriors”
          Jacques “The Pick” LaChappel sat at his favorite table in the Cavern. The Cavern was the Warriors hang out bar. Their numbers had dwindled over that past few years due to the “Biker Wars.” Many had died from stabbings and gunshot wounds, but it was the other deaths that troubled LaChappel the most. Someone or something new arrived in the in East End.
            There was always war along the fringe, a mutual assigned border between the Warriors in the east and the Mob to the north. The Irish to the west didn’t care much as long as these 2 enemies eliminated each other. The fringe was basically an old abandoned railway yard. At times it was called The Dumping Ground.
            But 2 nights ago, neither Mob nor Warrior had every killed that way. The closest he had ever heard of this was from his old friend Mack Delaney, who was up on some stupid mountain trip he thought and smiled. He had left word with the Doc a few days ago that he need the talk to the Englishmen. Mack had told him stories of killings in Albania and Serbia, when Mack was still in the Military.

            He remembered growing up with Mack as kids, playing hockey in the streets of The Gardens, then as teenagers they would grew apart, Lachappel to lead Valhalla’s Warriors and Delaney to join the most elite group his military offered. From time to time they would still see each at the Cavern to share info when needed and maybe catch the game. There next meeting would be different. 

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