Friday, October 16, 2015

                              "The Mountains"

I would love to live in the mountains, all quiet, mostly with someone I think, but that depends too. I open the door and the sun has yet to raise, a mist, almost fog like hangs on the ground. There are noises, but ones I have to strain to hear. There is a chill, but the warmth of my coffee mug extinguishes it quickly. I smell breakfast being made and it makes me smile. The thud of a big pine cone hits the ground.                  
I take a deep breath and wonder what I should do today. A hike to that hill I noticed the other day that looked promising, or perhaps a trout from the river nearby. My ears have a slight pain from hearing nothing if that's possible, and at that moment I wonder why I hadn't done this earlier. I also wonder that the person cooking inside is someone I miss, someone who makes me smile during sadness and makes my eyes sparkle with thoughts not suited for this post (lol). Wow I just realized this could be a short story and one that would be fun to write.

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