Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What Makes Sense?

            Time after time I have asked myself, and at times others what makes us say the things we say. Is it some profound thought that just appears in ones head, is it a lighting bolt of genius that makes us think "Wow this is good". Or is is just luck that it all comes together with a vivid imagination? I have said theses so deep at times I wonder "where the hell did that come from". 
             One that came to mind the other day was "True beauty is not seen, nor is it hidden, it just kinda hangs around and pops out once in awhile letting you know it is still around" Beauty can be looks of course but it can also be something we can not see. Caring, loving, respect are acts that have a beauty about them that makes the person even more attractive. 
             I have met many women in my life time who were truly beautiful, not pretty or cute, but drop dead beautiful. There are those who try to show it and those who don't. There are those that can be beautiful without really trying, and others who are, but try to much. 
             I'm not really sure what i'm trying to get at with the post except I felt like writing, if indeed this is called writing.