Wednesday, July 22, 2015

“Who’s Watching My Back”

Whoever notices that while doing good things, or what we perceive as good things, we dig ourselves deeper in that hole? Think of your in a 6 foot deep hole digging out and you shovel the dirt behind your back, yes the hole seems to be getting deeper, yet at times not. Without noticing, there appears to be fresh dirt falling back in the hole. Is it sliding back on its own? Is it being pushed back but someone unseen? Or is it just new dirt coming from somewhere unknown?
You look around and notice you are alone with just your thoughts and imaginations. At times we are our worse enemy based on thinking and over analyzing situations too much. So we keep digging and working out problems with the hope they will go away on their own. The sweat pours down and we assume we are doing well, but are we really?
At times we must think “What is the real goal here, and how can I achieve that goal the best way possible”. Some situations will never change, I see it and know it. Events repeat itself for years and they will not change no matter what or how you thing a person has changed. The cycle continues regardless how hard we dig ourselves out of the hole. At time we need to just give up and change the hole we dig, or even better, a hole that needs no digging.
I have been on Facebook for about 3 years now after my 10 year prison sentence, and I see posts that mirror the exact same post from the exact same people years ago? Is it because some people hope for a different outcome although nothing really has changed? Is it because the fear thinking something will change? I am no expert in relationships or feelings, hell I’m quite the exact opposite. But I can be brutally honest at times and speak what it is on my mind and in my heart.

Some of you will read this and like this post, some will not, and take it the wrong way, some will ignore it and think “it’s not directed at me because I have all my dirt washed away”. My meaning I guess is nothing will change unless you want it to change. Nothing will get better unless you seek to get better. Believe me I know. I’m just a regular guy with tons of dirt that I keep digging out of my hole.