Sunday, June 7, 2015

I differ from many of you reading this and certainly from most not reading this. I have traveled a road few have and thankfully so. You have never lurked in the alleys of my mind. I never cried or whined about my sentence nor time, for I am truly guilty of the crime I was accused of. There are many you say the opposite knowing well they did do the crime. Sometimes I wonder how many of us/them, got away with other crimes and maybe this is just a catching up or Karma thing. All I know is my crime effected so many that were innocent of what I did, meaning family and loved ones who suffered more than I did those 10 years. At times still to this day I hear the metal on metal slamming of doors and keys. I hear the screams in the middle of the night and smell the violence. I see fear on the faces of those I shared time with and the hidden tears in their eyes. I see hope at mail call and frustration during store day. I regret so much the time I lost with my children, time I will never get back. There are times I think back about those 10 years and still can't believe the things I witnessed and did to survive. I lost so much faith in humanity during those 10 years and to this day still have not found things I once had and or took for granted. Today I feel the urge to share and may do just that. Not because I need it as much as I would hope I can help someone going through what I have gone through, but more importantly what you all on the outside are going through..

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