Friday, May 29, 2015

If I can bore you all, with a little story about your favorite "Me". I am by no way a real good or perfect person, but I know what is right and wrong. In saying that, yes I committed a crime and spent 10 years of my life behind bars (2001-2011) in many Maximum Security prison in Texas.
I saw many many men at there very worse, and a few at there best in an ugly situation. We do things that we would not normally do based on unpredictable circumstances, some of out of own doing and some that is thrust upon us. I never blamed anyone for my life.
Not my Mom nor Dad, no the government or president, not lack of jobs or a woman. It's too easy to do that. We look back and most of us if honest would change not something, but many things. There is a cycle in life that if we "choose" to live within it, will never change and sadly most of us realize that but still roll the dice one more time hoping for a different out come. We hope "this time will be different" and in most cases it's a broken record repeating what happened at an earlier time. I may have no right to say that or any of this, again who the hell am I to talk...I'm a loser and ex-con right? I do believe in the old way, the old way of fighting for what's yours and loving the people in your life. Yes I am old fashion still, A 56 year old caught in a 1500 year old Viking Type (lol) body. I was taught to honor and respect women as an equal and not a second class person I got into so many arguments in prison over just that. There should never be a reason to strike a woman unless protecting your young or if your life is in danger, it is easy to always just walk away. And trust me I have been but in many situations where I could have easily hit a female. Here come the hardest part to say and for some to understand. Once the cycle of violence has started, it is very easy to continue and in most cases will never stop until something real bad happens. I have know women in my life for many years, a few over 30 who continue to marry/date/see the same type guy. The names and looks change but it is the same guy. In some cases the same applies for men with women. The cycle knows no sex or age, no color or religion, wealth or poverty makes no difference either. I am no expert and quite never practice what I preach, but I have never hit a woman. I think once that happens, both parties can never truly live the same again. One will live in fear, while the other in control. Most of you I believe are great women who just want a chance in life to live. I truly hope you all find true love and bask in it's sunlight forever I had true love once and there was nothing better than that. The pit in one's stomach awaiting the drive home, to be with that one special person. To share a drink or a meal, to hold a hand or spoon at night. I think true love is not even trying, but letting it just happen and evolve. Some of you will read this and "like" it, some will comment good and bad. Some will take this post wrong and say I don't know what i'm taking about or know their "man". All these points are true and valid. This post, if anything will make some of you just think.

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