Friday, May 29, 2015

                  Another thought from Phil (lol) Staying Strong sounds 

so easy for some and yet so hard for so many others...You 

ever think how easy it is to say something and actually live 

by it. To listen to others who have never walked in your 

shoes or faced the same circumstances. To listen to advice 

from someone who has never dug your ditch or cooked your 

meal, changed your babies diaper or payed a late due bill? 

Pay heed to those giving advice that have yet to make your 


         It is all fine and dandy and for some it does help, the 

prayers and thoughts, but mostly in the end it is you who 

crawls into bed alone and wakes in the middle of the night 

wondering and worrying....Stay Strong yes, but stay your 

course and do not bury yourself with things you can not 

change or decide today. There is a very old saying by 

Rudyard Kipley (Jungle Book) that goes something like this 

"The strength of the wolf is in the pack, and the strength of 

the pack is in the wolf" you all are so much alike , you need 

each other to Stay Strong, and this group will Stay Strong 

because of each of you...

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