Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Who is he?

          I look in the mirror and I hardly recognize the face. He looks somewhat familiar, but much older. Wiser? Smarter? Not so smart, but wiser I could say. There are a few scars on his face and many lines that come with age. He looks tired and worn out, but he does look like a fighter. He has seen better days, and some that he would soon forget. There is sadness in those eyes, but at times a sparkle can be seen. His mind is strong and full of hopes and dreams. The past is playing in his mind, a past that is hard to forget.
         He thinks of love that was lost and times that are so distant that he wonders if they ever happened at all. Who is this person who clouds my mind? He has seen and done some good things and some very bad. But is he a bad guy? Maybe I should talk to him, maybe I can help exercises his demons? I am no one special but I have helped others before in their time of need. Is that a talent or just a heart and soul speaking through my lips, forming words that comfort others? 
         This face I see interests me for some unknown reason. I seem to remember that at one time he was a friend to many. He was very outgoing and craved crowds. He was called "The Life of the Party". Ya that's right I seem to remember that now. Something tells me he was born about 50 years ago, or more in a foreign land. That's right he played hockey I believe, and grew up in the east end of some big city along a very big river. The memories are flooding back, but the name still eludes me.
          He is no one special I think, not really someone you would remember or I would remember who he is. For some strange reason I miss him though. I think he may have been fun to be around although he doesn't look it now. Maybe I will find you one day old friend. I think a face can tell a story and this face has many stories to tell. That’s it old friend, tell your story, that will help.
          Well until we meet again stay strong and true to whatever you believe in and follow. Don’t waver in the least from what you hold dear in your heart. Keep your mind clear and thoughts pure. I guess that is good to tell him? We will talk again soon my friend.

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