Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Night Darkness Set In
                A little over two weeks ago I had a very real brush with death. I was told by a few police officers after the fact how lucky I really was. A mere turn to the right instead of left and I would not be sitting here in pain writing this little story. I remember it all, yet can’t recall much if that makes sense. I still see and dream of the oncoming headlights and the noise, the noise of metal on metal, of glass shattering. Of wind shield pieces in my mouth and why I couldn't get out.
                Flash lights assaulted my eyes and voices were heard, but no faces were seen. “Where do you hurt” and thoughts of where I didn't hurt seemed like the better question. Ambulance sirens cut through the night and chaos around me echoed. But to the best of my knowledge I was alive, oh ya the pain told me as much. I was told that the Jaws of Life were to be used to help with my escape from my bondage. Jaws of Life seemed an odd term to me, but one I was happy to hear as it pried open the door.     
                I was told I would be air lifted and thought “Great I’ll die in a fiery crash”. I was moved to a board of some type, pain announced its protest. The ride to the hospital for the most part was very quiet and smooth. Questions were asked of me and I responded the best I could. We landed a little under an hour later I would think and made the very painful way to what I assume was an operating room. My clothes were cut from my body. I remember thinking “Great I really liked that t-shirt and shorts”.
                I was probed and prodded, I was stuck and sticker. Braces were applied and screams, my screams could be heard. Damn that hurt and still does. Broken bones were counted and assessed. The worse ones given priority over the lesser ones. My breathing was labored and pain was felt with every breath as it still is today. A tube was inserted into my right lung to let blood and fluid drain, and yes it did. Infection and pneumonia was a big concern. It was a strange sight to see my blood, my fluid in the tube. Not really red, but a pinkish liquid.

                Here it is a little over 2 weeks since that night darkness set in and my pain has not lesson at all, in fact there are times it seems worse. I tire easy and have loss some weight. My appetite is not the same and I have yet to sleep in a bed. A lazy boy is my best friend right now. I find it a chore to walk more the 100 feet and my breathing protests if I try to make it longer. I am lucky I have been told, this could have been so much worse, to me this is worse than I expected. 


  1. A harrowing story indeed and your brush with death was smoothed over by God, who still has plans for you, oh I know...