Saturday, May 10, 2014

A quick thought before I go to work. What is that one thing? No not really asking what that one thing is that makes you love the one inside, but what is that one thing that flames the memory of the one inside. That breaths life into that memory. It could be a song? A movie or TV show? A restaurant or store? A place or street? A club or season? The kind of thing that makes your heart skip or brings a tear to one's eyes. The kind of thing that one may even dread seeing or hearing. The kind of thing one avoids at all costs or will go out of the way to be closer too. Memories for the most part I would think are free and don't really take up much space, yet to some they are more powerful then the act itself. Some memories are and should remain private for just the 2 to enjoy while others need to share them so they may relive then yet again. Stay strong and stay the course.

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