Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lawrence Kolb had been in charge of the Institute for Alternative Thinking since he himself started it over thirty years ago. It’s main focus was to look outside the box of normal everyday thinking. Kolb originally from East Germany, defected to Canada back in 1974.

While in Germany he headed up an organization that was looking into a series of unusual killings along the Berlin Wall. The victims had been murdered, literally torn apart and in some cases partially eaten. Of course the East blamed the West, and the West blamed the East, but Kolb knew that there was more to it then simple random killings. He approached his superiors and told them of his theory that the killings were the work of an animal. To prove his point he introduced photos and film of the victims. He pointed out what looked like claw and bite marks as well as partially eaten organs. His superiors naturally told him he was working to hard and needed a rest. That alone told Kolb he was on to something. At no time had the Communist run organization ever cared about it’s employees. One day while sitting with colleagues at a local pub Kolb told his co-workers his thoughts on the killings. Most laughed and told him he was crazy. Except one, Franz Martz who said it could be possible for an unknown creature or even a human that could be responsible. When the evening broke up Martz decided to walk his friend home.

“Lawrence you must forget what was said tonight.” Martz said grabbing hold of his friends arm.

“I have known you many years Franz there is something you are not telling me, no.” Kolb said looking back at Martz.

“Please, Lawrence promise me you will not pursue this in any other direction, but a normal homicide.”

“What is it Franz, what are you not telling me.” Kolb pushed.

Looking around Martz continued “Not here, tomorrow after work meet me at the Zoo near the primate exhibit.” without another word Franz Martz walked off leaving Kolb even more intrigued then ever before.

The minute Lawrence Kolb arrived at work the next day he knew something was wrong. He noticed that East Germany’s notorious secret police Stasi had set up interview tables in the cafeteria. His co-workers looked like frighten cattle awaiting slaughter. This was why he hated his own country. He noticed his boss point towards him while talking with one of the Stasi Police officers.

“Lawrence, have you heard the news about Herr Martz.” a fellow worker asked.

“What has happened Sasha.” Kolb asked, but knowing. My god what is going on. What is all this about he thought.

“Herr Martz was killed last night on his way home.” she said. Nodding towards the police she continued. 

“They said it was a gang of hoodlums trying to rob him, poor Franz.” Kolb glanced toward the police and noticed that they too were starring at him. He also noticed that one now was on his way over towards him. 
Fear gripped Kolb as a tall, blond haired man who appeared to be no more that 40 years of age moved toward him.

“You are Lawrence Kolb?” it was not a question, but a demand. He hated the Stasi and their arrogant way. 

“My name is Abel Eberhart. I am with the Ministry for State Security. I have some questions I’m going to be asking you. Come this way.” not a request, but again a demand.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Has anyone ever noticed how you can apply songs to everyday things. Hell you can apply songs to every minute of your life. I used to think my life was like a Country song. Today I'm back. Yes I've been away for awhile so there has really hasn't been anything new in awhile.Today's song is "I get knocked down but I get up again." by a band called Chumbawamba. I've been working hard on various projects. From a children's story set in my old home town of Montreal. To a murder, thriller, weird story that has ties to Jack the Ripper, the Titanic, a legendary creature, to an ex-hockey player trying to find the truth behind his families death. Trust me it will all tie together. I'm also looking into a true life account of my time behind bars, and a fiction story dealing with the paranormal/supernatural inside prison. Also on my agenda is another story based in Montreal about a hunter who works for secret agency that deals again with paranormal, supernatural, creatures. A piece of it was my last post on my blog. So in closing, I got knocked down like many of you, but I also am getting up.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A little excerpt for you all, this would be part of "The Rat"

"What would this institute want with a man of my abilities?" Delaney asked

"You came highly recommend by General McCall." the director for the Institute for Alternative Thinking said.

"and that is the only reason I'm here, as a favor to the General. With that out of the way what can I do for you Mr. Kolb"

"In 1995, before NATO started bombing in the Balkans you were in a small Albanian village." he paused for effect studying his guest. 

"You saw atrocities that you had never seen before, even the Serbs could not have committed that slaughter." 

"Then on your own you tracked those responsible, alone, afraid and killed them." Kolb finished.

'I have no idea what your talking about" Delanny countered wondering how the hell did this man for an institute that had nothing to do with 
the military know about top secret information that only a handful of high ranking officials knew.

"Their not like us Mr. Delaney. There what we call the Flock."

"They may look like us, but they are certainly not human. We've tracked them for many years and have even eliminated some, but you 
Mr.Delaney by far have done more than we could have ever hoped for" 

"Look Mr. Kolb there must be some mistake but I honestly have no idea what your talking about. Yes I was in the military but I was never in Albania." 

"I have something to show you Mr. Delaney this won't take a moment. Please come this way" The director said with a smile.