Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yesterday was a strange day. I had people close to me questioning my admitting being in prison on an open forum and complete strangers liking my honesty. To be honest I welcome all comments good and bad. That tells me people are looking, are reading. Right now I'd like to say to all that none of what I blog is not meant to embarrass  anyone. If anything it only reflects my weakness in life and my willingness to conquer my past, my fears. I will not apologize for this blog and it will never publish any names but mine. To those who disagree with my public admittance of my time behind bars please understand I need to do so so I can find myself through my  Very Random Thoughts.


  1. This is for YOU, you arent trying to hurt anyone, but it is something you need to do for yourself. In my mind and the way I feel is that you have to put things out "there". If there are dark memories or dark things in you life or heart...they need to see "light" to be cleansed. You have nothing to be ashamed of, you made a mistake, we all do. You paid for it. Hell people around you should be Proud..your survived and made it through what alot dont. You also seem to have come out a good person, again that doesnt always happen. It "isnt" selfish to do what YOU need to do to help heal yourself.

  2. Thanks Michelle that means alot coming from a stranger who is no longer one. I look forward to reading your comments on more of my Very Random Thoughts.