Saturday, January 21, 2012

Memories of a Childhood

  • The Rat scurried through the back alleys of Old Montreal ever so vigilant of his surrounds. He knew the area well. His rivals could not be seen tonight, but the rat knew all to well they were there. Movement to his left caught his eye and he paused, searching for the cause. Friend or foe? ally or enemy? He waited listening for any signs of an attack. "Well well my friend it is you" the rat thought to himself. The Pick had finally made his appearance tonight. he had heard much of this one, but why was he so easy to detect? Setup? accident? sloppy? Music escaped from the neighborhood bar. Smells of cooking made him hungry.


  1. I like this one too Phil! Is this part of the same story you previously posted or another idea? Either way Phil you have a knack for writing and narratives. Love it!
    Teeney xo

  2. This one is different. It's a story a played with years ago about a group "hunters" supernatural/paranormal types going after a creature type thing in Montreal. It's based a lot in the east end. The Rat and the Pick are actually bikers who have started to be killed off and are blaming rival gangs. But the leader of this hunter group (Mack Delaney) things it's something else. He goes back to his old hometown to investigate and talks to his all buddies the bikers about what's going on. His group is kind of a special force, X-file team that's after these creatures. Alot is also set a long the St.Lawrence docks too. I'm thinking it's some sailor types from like eastern Europe. That's there disguise.