Thursday, January 26, 2012

Been away for a few days, taking care of the so-called Business. This is harder than I thought it would be, this whole back to society thing. Some accept me and some don't. It's strange how strangers feel more like family than some family do. I need the love and support from family and for the most part I get that now and I thank them so much. To my "strangers" I need your support to because you have nothing to gain or lose by accepting me. Today I was flooded with emotion about missing my "simple" life behind bars. Why don't I remember how life on the outside used to be. I went through all my notes I had made while inside about inside. My diary so to speak. Now though I ask you my reader to tell me what you want to know or hear about my time. I'd like to get a feel as to what you'd like to hear or are interested in. Visit me on my facebook page or my Twiiter page!/PhilipSmith1117


  1. What were the things that made you want to survive Prison? What kept you strong and true to your goal of being free? Were you able to make it through without joining a gang for protection?

    Remember the reasons why you wanted to survive and get out and maybe those things will help you rejoin society. ((hugs))

  2. Philip, have you read The Man Who Outgrew His Prison Cell by Joe Loya? I think it would be a really relevant and hopefully useful thing for you to read about now...

  3. No I have not, but ironically me and Joe are having a great conversation right now on facebook. Thank you for introducing me to him. I believe in what he says and I think I too have a story to tell that people will want to hear. Thanks for the encouraging words Dana.